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Introduction ::

An effective & successful institution of learning is the one that dedicates over 90% of its calendar to the core business of its existence-: LEARNING. We have designed a unique system that will work with any school’s set up. We customize the system at the foundation stages & develop if to represent the operations of a school / institution. The system is developed under the now popular Microsoft.NET platform with the database structured under Microsoft SQL & Oracle environment.

There are 6 modules:

Module 1: School Master Data Records
The SchoolPro complete suite has various modules integrated into one. There is a master module that encompasses registration of the students into the system. Here each student’s full details are entered into the system, this also allows for later search of the students based on the name or the admission number and generation of reports such as the class and stream lists. The other modules are: Accounts,Inventory (stores), Payroll processing, academic management, library management and timetable.

Module 2: Accounts
This module deals with the accounting function of the school. It's in this module that the annual fees structure is prepared, the fees charged and payment of the same captured. This helps in tracking the student payment details and fees balances. The module also captures details on other income that is received in the school but not under fees payment. The expenses are also captured and this helps generate the income and expenditure report of the school. This makes it easier for the school management at any point in time to tell how much the school has either in cash/bank or how much the school is owed by the students. Several reports are available under this module.

Module 3:Payroll Processing
Behind a successful organization lies a motivated team. Money can be one of the motivational factors. This module aids in preparations of the employees pay slips and the end of every month. The system has the employees register and can process all the deductions and allowances for the month and get the net pay. There are several reports available including the pay slips the payroll summary and deductions and allowances summary.

Module 4: Inventory
This is another important aspect and function of the school. It is a department that can't be ignored. Much of the schools budget may be in the store in form of materials or goods. If not properly managed its hard to tell or quantify how much the school has spent on materials that are in the store. The module caters for receiving of goods and invoices and issuing of the goods to either staff or the students. The module tracks the goods received and issued per user or by date or by department. The module also furnishes all the users with supplier details giving easier access and global access to the supplier details but with controlled access.

Module 5: Library Management

The library is an important resource in the school both for the teachers and the students. This module aims at effective management of the library to ensure that the borrowed books are returned and in case of loss then someone is held accountable. The system will also help eliminate impersonation where only the person issued with the book is the only person allowed to return the same. The system will make it easier for the librarian and the management as a whole to access the library information. E.g. how many books are in the library, how many have been issued and to whom they have been issued, how many are lost and who has lost them.

Module 6: Timetable Management This is sold as a separate system and is quoted as per the clients requirements. However the general features are: